Life Got Hard: In a Good Way

It has been roughly 4 months since my last blog post, and for good reasons. 

Sometimes life becomes not so simple. Life likes to throw curveballs and jam wrenches into your plans. Its been awhile since I blogged because something happened that shook me.


Shortly after the last blog I posted, I went on a snowshoeing day trip. 

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 - Daniel and I both had the day off of work so we wanted to go for a hike and explore Broad's Fork in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Daniel had gone exploring the trail a few days prior but the snow in the canyon was so deep, through the sinking in melting snow he was unable to make it very far. So we made plans to go back with snowshoes, getting out early in the morning when the snow was still slightly crispy and not so soft yet. 

It was a rush out of the house without coffee before an adventure, so making plans to grab coffee after our hike I last minute while running out the door grabbed my purse and threw it under the seat in the car.

After the trip we returned to the trailhead parking lot and find our car had been broken into, my purse and wallet stolen.

I couldn't stop thinking: I did something stupid. I know better. It is all my fault. This could have been avoided.

This was all just days before I left for two weeks of training with the Utah Conservation Corps, who I have been working with since. 

Going back and working on these images has been a bit of a painful process. The day had been so good, followed by the hassle of sorting out the car break-in. While not the most awful experience I have gone through, this small act left me feeling so violated, it has been a long process of getting these photos done, posted, and writing this blog. 


I can whole heartedly say that it is because of my experiences with UCC (Utah Conservation Corps) over the past few months, and how it has made me grow as an individual, that I have come to a place where I can talk about this experience in a less emotional way. 

I say that life got hard in a good way because things could have been worse. I had Daniel with me though to keep me in check, to help support me until I got my bank and credit cards replaced. I have had experiences with UCC that taught me I can handle more than I ever expected and it has made me so much stronger!