Life as an Intern


Okay you caught me, I'm being over dramatic. Since starting my internship at the beginning of July I find myself constantly thinking about social media - especially since I have access to the companies social media and am encouraged to post often as part of my role at my internship.

I've always posted on social media and have had many blogs in the past, but not well thought out, not well done, and not consistent. I spent a lot of time trying to research "How to Blog," "Tips for Social Media Posts," and "Appropriate/Professional Voices to use on Social Media." Overall the answer I found was "just post. Just do it." Granted that is the very simplified version of the articles, but I am learning you have to find and know the voice you use on social media and that it just flows after that. So here is my first blog post - I am just doing it. 

A little more information about my internship:

I am working with a company that creates custom design team apparel for alpine skiing, nordic skiing, cycling, running, track, triathlons, and ultimate. Everyday I get to collaborate with their team to organize a photo studio within their space and create a photo presence vs. the 3D mockups of the apparel that is currently on the website. 

Here's a peak into some of the fun that has been happening so far.