I Graduated, Went Camping, and Cut Off All of My Hair!

September 24th was the last day of my journey at The Art Institutes International Minnesota pursing my BFA in Photography! That day kicked off the opening of my fellow graduates and my gallery exhibition titled Trichotomy. 

The show still runs until November 24th and is on display if you would like to view it.
More details at Trichotomy.weebly.com

Promptly the day after my portfolio show I left with a small group of friends to go camping on the Wisconsin side of Interstate Park.


I turned our trip into a photo adventure, bringing along my Polaroid camera and last two packs of film I had at the time. We intentionally left them out and in weird temperature/light/moisture so they would develop in different and interesting ways. After doing photography a certain way for school and for my portfolio it was nice to have a no pressure experiment and just have fun with my images. Here are a few posts from Instagram of the Polaroids and a few shots I got with my digital camera as well when we were hiking. 

And as my camera was dying I became interested in all of the different mushrooms scattering the trails....

Last, after returning home from camping, I cut off all of my hair to donate: