Changes for Adventures Sake

It has been longer than I would like since I blogged last. Really even since I generally updated the website last. There have been some big changes happening! 

The beginning of last summer - 2016 - my partner and I decided we wanted to move West in the spring. By the end of summer we were forming plans. Now it is spring and we have moved to Salt Lake City, UT!

Two weeks ago we left MPLS on a Tuesday morning to drive to SLC over two days - Daniel's little car towing a small hand built trailer that kept us checking the mirrors the entire drive. Two bikes on the rack on back of the trailer, two bikes on the top, stuffed trailer, stuffed car.

One flat on the trailer as we approached Rapid City, SD at the end of the first day where we then stopped and spent the night with a lovely couchsurfing host! 

Day two we left early in the AM to avoid snow & winds, and happened to catch an amazing sunrise as we entered into Wyoming. 

Slow moving through strong winds and a leak in the spare tire we put on the night before we had to make a pit stop and get all the trailer tires swapped out. Smooth sailing and we arrived at a decent time on the second evening. 

Car Selfie!

Car Selfie!

We struggled to get the trailer backed into our new driveway, ran to the store for some frozen pizzas, and passed out. The next morning we unpacked the trailer in the rain.

Now we are finally just starting to get settled in to our new place. The bikes got put back together and tuned to go out last weekend and we've begun to explore. Still a lot to get done around the house and many adventures to be had. The future is full of possibilities and we are overflowing with excitement. This summer should bring about a lot of new photos. HERE WE GO!