Bike Camping - I Have Been Hiding In The Woods

Dear Blog Readers - 

It has been a long time since we have been together. You must have thought I crashed my bike again and didn't survive this time. Just kidding - I know I go too far. 

So it turns out there are people that want me to create photography every day and they pay me to do it. Go figure! They are called The Racery. I've been doing mostly product photography in the studio for them and as it's getting warmer out there are more and more opportunities for me to get out and do other promo shots for the company. It's pretty cool. Oh - PS - we sell bikes. Perfect fit for me! 

Recently I wrote a blog post for them about my spring bike camping experience. Seeing as this is my photo page I'll give you a full gallery of images I took. If you want to read my ramblings, head over to the original post HERE

Brief summary - I worked a long night at my part time job then biked down to the river bottoms in the dark and put up a hammock amongst new friends! Here's some photographic evidence: